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Three Pedal Harps Music

Gorgeous and unique sheet music  for 3 pedal harps can be found here. We are still uploading Sharon's collection, so please email if you need something and don't see it.

The difference between a good arrangement and a GREAT arrangement is the difference between a lightening bug and lightening!  Sharon Watson began her lifelong professional music career as a highly gifted pianist and arranger with a mastery of the multitude of skills, nuance, melody and chords that many harp arrangers fall short of. Holding Masters degrees in piano, organ and harp she brings to her harp arrangements the highest level of musicality and 'playability'. A truly masterful treatment of a song is what the pros rely on to sound FANTASTIC. For decades Sharon has been one of a small handful of professional arrangers who consistently delivers excellence, and is still going strong. Refresh your musical library with these beautiful pieces and get excited about playing!