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I'm having trouble with my download!
- Did you sign in? You have to create an account in order to download or order music.
- Was the pdf button checked?  On almost all of our music you get an option of either buying a pdf download or getting your music shipped. One of these must be selected.
- After selecting your delivery method did you press the ADD TO CART green button? As well as any subsequent Green Buttons that confirm your order?
- If your pdf has been uploaded (on our end) and you have paid for your music, you should receive an email confirming your order with a link. You will be able to access your download for 4 days by clicking on that link (which takes you back to our site) or by going to the MY ACCOUNT tab.  You have 3 opportunities to download and print your music.

Are you using Firefox?
Firefox and Adobe don't always get along and there is nothing we can do about this, unfortunately. You can still use the browser and get your downloads, though.  Once you click all the way through and can see the DOWNLOAD link, don't click it but instead, RIGHT CLICK and use the 'DownThemAll' link to save the files onto your hard drive. Make sure you indicate where on your computer you want the files saved.   This Mozilla troubleshooting link also gives options in case the problem has to do with your internet settings.
Settings.  Good Luck.  If that still doesn't work, get a drink and install Safari or Internet Explorer!

Still can't get it to work?
You can always email us at sw at sharonwatsonmusic dot com.

In a real jam?
Call us 9am-9pm (PST) at 818.468.6497.  (or 12noon-12 midnight EST)

Can I share my downloads?
Sharon's livelihood depends on people paying her for her arrangements. Under the Terms & Conditions of this site, you are agreeing NOT to share or distribute any downloads that you have purchased. 

What about the free downloads? Can I share those?
Free downloads are often available for a limited time and sent out encourage people to visit our site.  Please tell your friends to download the 'SPECIALS'.  Our free downloads are never ALWAYS free. At some point, they are no longer on SPECIAL and generate revenue for Sharon and her family.

I'd like Sharon to speak about The Art of Arranging at our school or convention or group? Does she do this?
Yes! Please send us the details.  sw at sharonwatsonmusic dot com.